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Telepsychology is the use of telecommunications technology including on-line video-conferencing applications to provide psychological treatment and services. Using a secure, HIPAA-compliant, encrypted computer link, a psychologist is able to provide remote, confidential, services that are substantially equivalent to in-person treatment. Telepsychology is now easily available to anyone with a smartphone, or a computer and an Internet connection.

Is your mobility limited by an illness or physical condition?

Do you lack reliable access to transportation?

Is your work schedule extremely busy?

Does frequent travel interrupt your ability to maintain a regular appointment schedule?

Do childcare issues prevent you from scheduling a weekly appointment?

For many people with scheduling, physical, or transportation challenges, visiting a psychologist’s office for a regularly scheduled appointment can be a barrier to seeking or continuing treatment.

Telepsychology services are suitable for the treatment of many psychological disorders and research confirms that there is significant benefit from treatment delivered in this manner.

Dr. Freedman provides telepsychology services to individuals and couples who reside in Connecticut, New York, Michigan, or Texas. Contact him directly to schedule an initial consultation to determine whether telepsychology is appropriate for your needs.


HIPAA-compliant telemedicine technology - Used by NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station